Rent a Facility

The rental of campus facilities by the public is now available in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order #215 without a limit on the number of attendees for auditoriums, arenas, and other venues for live performances. All renters will be required to abide by the College’s COVID Health and Safety Protocols. A copy of these protocols is available upon request. To view the latest updates on the College’s response to the pandemic, please go to the Coronavirus Response page.

Required Fees for Services

House custodians are required for all events that take place outside normal College operating hours. There is a four-hour minimum call per custodial shift, even if the scheduled event is less than four hours.

Approved security officers are required for events with more than 100 people in attendance. There is a three-hour minimum call per shift, even if the event is less than three hours. Security officers must have jurisdiction in the appropriate location (Town of Tarboro, City of Rocky Mount, or Edgecombe County). Costs of off-duty officers vary, depending on which department the officers serve. Rental clients are responsible for paying security fees as deemed necessary by Edgecombe Community College.

Security deposits are due at contract signing and are refundable following the event.

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