Credit / Clock Hour Conversion Programs

Students enrolled in one of the following programs may receive less in federal student aid then the amounts indicated on their award letters.

Diploma Programs:

D60160 Automotive Systems Technology
D55140 Cosmetology
D55110 Barbering
D35220 Electrical/Electronics / Electrical System Tech.
D50170 Facility Maintenance Worker

Certificate Programs:

C55230 Esthetics Technology

Determination of enrollment status for federal student aid purposes is different because these programs include one or more courses that cannot be counted towards the completion of two-year Associate degree programs. Enrollment status for these programs involves determining for each course the clock/contact hours a student may sit for each semester. For Fall/Spring semesters, the total lecture and lab contact hours are multiplied by 16 then divided by 37.5 to obtain the number of converted credit hours. For summer semester, the total lecture and lab hours are multiplied by 8 then divided by 37.5. The converted credits are then used to determine the enrollment status of students.

What This May Mean To You

The Federal Pell Grant reflected in an award letter is based on pre-converted enrollment in credit hours. Students who are in one of the programs listed above would need to be enrolled in at least 23 to 24 contact hours to receive a federal student aid awards based on full-time status. Anything less than at least 23 to 24 contact hours will result in a reduction in federal student aid eligibility.

Students who are enrolled or plan to enroll in one of these programs and have additional questions should contact the Financial Aid Office.