Helpful Resources

Success Tips

The following are tips that may help students in their academic journeys.

Moodle Tips

You will use Moodle for all your online, hybrid, web enhanced, and some seated courses. Check Moodle every day. There is an initial assignment called the “Enrollment Verification Assignment.” It is very important that you complete this by the due date so that you will not be dropped from the class. Please note, online courses will not be available in Moodle until the first day of class for the semester. Complete a Technical Support Request for assistance if you have problems logging into your Moodle account.

Email Tips

ECC instructors and staff will use your college issued email account for communication. You should use your ECC issued email to communicate with instructors and staff, not your personal email. Check your ECC email account every day. Complete a Technical Support Request for assistance if you have problems logging into your email account.

Study Skills and Tips

  • Review your course syllabus thoroughly as soon as you receive it, and refer to it throughout the semester. Plan accordingly to meet all due dates and test dates.
  • Allow yourself enough time to study. Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Organize your study space, and find a quiet area where you can concentrate.
  • Record important notes on index cards or electronic devices that you can take anywhere to quiz yourself.
  • Review your notes and study guides multiple times.
  • Organize study sessions with friends. Be sure to stay focused.
  • Take breaks while studying.
  • Track your grades throughout the semester.
  • Always be aware of your progress. Check Moodle and communicate with your instructors.

Other Helpful Resources

Thinking Storm is a FREE online tutoring service that is available to all Edgecombe Community College students. It is a web-based platform that allows students to receive assistance in a variety of subject areas.

Office 365 is available on Myapps to all employees and students at Edgecombe Community College for free. It includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and One Note (but not Access). You will have to go through the process of setting up a Microsoft account and will need to use your or email address.

The Academic Advising Checklist is a tool for currently enrolled students as they prepare to meet with their advisor during advising time. Current students cannot register without first meeting with an advisor.

For virtual assistance please select I Need Assistance and an ASC staff member will follow up with you.