Moodle Login and Important Contacts

Thank you for registering for an online learning course at Edgecombe Community College. Online courses will not be available in Moodle until the first day of class for the semester.

You can visit the Bookstore page for more information about your books and to order. Your books can be shipped to you via UPS or you are welcome to come to our campus bookstore. You can also order your books online from various sources. Please be sure the ISBN matches perfectly with the ISBN on our booklist.

Moodle is the software that is used to present your online/hybrid course. If you have never used Moodle, it is strongly recommended you view the Online Orientation videos (not password protected). Click “—View Orientation Videos” under “For Students” in the upper left corner of the Moodle login page. Every online course has an “Icebreaker” assignment in Moodle that has a very early due date. The assignment demonstrates that the student is active in the class. Pay close attention to the due date and submit the assignment on time to prevent being removed from the class.

The best internet browser to use with Moodle is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox unless your computer has Windows 10. Windows 10 computers should use the built-in Microsoft Edge browser, included with Windows 10.

Logging into your Online Course

The link to Moodle can be found in the Student Portal menu. Use the following information to login.

Username (UserID)

Your Moodle user login name is your first initial, last name, and first four digits of your date of birth.

ExampleJohn Smith Born May 18, 1988, the username would be: jsmith0518.


The password to log into your online class (Moodle) will be the same for Self Service and student email accounts. Student email accounts are intended for use by current curriculum students and will eventually be deleted. Please use the following instructions to create your new password for Moodle, Self Service, and student email accounts.

  1. Go to Self Service
    1.  Click “Log In”
    2. Verify that you can login with your UserID (which is the same as your UserID you have for your student email and Moodle account). The UserID is your first initial last name month & day you were born. Example: Joe Smith born on August 2 would be jsmith0802. Your default password is the last 6 digits of your social security number. Example: If your SSN is 123-45-6789, your password would be 456789.
    3. Once logged in, you will be forced to change this password. First, enter your UserID and your “old” password (last 6 digits of your SSN). You will be prompted to enter a new password. The new password must be between 6 and 9 characters and contain both letters and numbers. Submit and logout. Please log back into Self Service to make sure your new password is working. Note: If you ever want to change your password, go to the MyPassword page.
  2. Once your Self Service login is working (with new password), you must activate and enroll your ID and password. The activation must be done by everyone (even those who already had a Self Service account).
    1. To activate your UserID/Password, click on “Enroll”.
    2. Enter your UserID and password (you just created in Self Service).
    3. You will be prompted to answer three security questions. Enter your answers. Answers to security questions are case sensitive.
    4. Click “Enroll”
  3. Check your Self Service and student email accounts to be certain your new password has been accepted.


Login problems (Moodle, student email, or Self Service)

Students should complete an IT Helpdesk ticket. Be sure and provide an alternate email address because this is where the instructions will be sent.

Books, software, and other required supplies

Visit the Bookstore page or call the Bookstore at (252) 618-6514

Payment for Tuition and Fees

Students who would like to pay by phone with a credit card should call (252) 618-6510 and provide a Student ID. Payment must be received the day before class starts by 5 p.m. to avoid being removed from the class.

Student Services/Financial Aid

(252) 618-6533

Library Services

Deborah Parisher, Director of Library Services
(252) 618-6570