Single Stop

Edgecombe Community College has partnered with Single Stop, a non-profit organization, to create a one-stop shop that seeks to connect students with the assistance they may need to meet their most basic needs outside of the classroom in order to succeed inside the classroom.Using specially designed software, Single Stop provides hands-on support for students to guide them through the process of assessing their needs, screening for benefits, and receiving the assistance they may need in areas including:

Meeting these needs enables the student to ​focus​ on being the best student he or she can be. Grades will improve and the number of students who drop out in order to find ways to meet their basic needs will decrease. Single Stop is an aid in helping students “Start. Stay. Finish.” ECC aims to assist students ​empower​ themselves by receiving an education, preparing for their careers, and becoming successful in the workforce, thus raising their standard of living.

Services are ​FREE​ for Edgecombe Community College students.

Stop by Single Stop located in the Academic Success Center in the Barnes Building, Room 141, or for more information contact, Tarboro—(252) 618-6524, or Rocky Mount—(252) 618-6670.