New Email Accounts for ECC Students

Your new email account was created on May 18. You must reset your password using Self Service in order to access your new email account. Once you set your password using Self Service, you will begin to use that password for all College services: new email, old email, Moodle, etc.

Passwords set before 12 p.m. on May 18 will not work with new email accounts.

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Notifications and Data Transfer

It is each student’s responsibility to notify personal contacts of your new email address and backup any data.


Create an automatic reply using the vacation responder to notify senders of your new email address.

You can use the sample subject and message below to copy and paste into your autoreply. Be sure to change the email to reflect your new address.

Copy + paste into subject:
My email address has changed, please update your records

Copy + paste into message and edit email address:
Thanks for your email. My email address has changed and I will no longer check this inbox. Please update my information in your contacts and send emails to

Data Transfer