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The Ophthalmic Medical Personnel curriculum prepares individuals to perform ophthalmic procedures under the supervision of a licensed physician specializing in ophthalmology.

Course work includes lecture, laboratory, and clinical training in ocular measurements; ocular testing; lensometry; administering topical and oral medications; eye care; and caring for instruments.

Graduates are employed in medical institutions, clinics, or physician practices. Graduates may qualify as candidates to take the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel, Ophthalmology National Certification Exam.

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Ophthalmic Medical Personnel - Program Outcomes

At Edgecombe Community College, the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel program is structured so that students gain the theory and practical skills needed to work as entry-level ophthalmic medical personnel by adhering to the following:

  • Help students in developing the life skills of critical thinking, effective communication, and professional behaviors, as well as demonstrating safe and ethical practices.
  • Provide a curriculum that supports the Accreditation standards and enriching learning experiences for students.
  • Create professionals who are vital team members in a field that is in high demand. Students have the opportunity to be a part of a patient’s eye health by:
    • Conducting patient histories
    • Assisting with eye exams
    • Setting up and cleaning up exam rooms
    • Providing patient education

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary take the JCAHPO national certification exam and work in the ophthalmology/optometry field.

Some programs at Edgecombe Community College lead to a license and/or certification in North Carolina. Beginning July 1, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education regulations require disclosures for all programs leading to a license or certification. Disclosures will be provided for all states and will indicate whether the program meets licensure requirements, does not meet licensure requirements or has not yet been determined for each state.

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Kim Byron-Barnes

Program Chair - Ophthalmic Medical Personnel


Office 209, Lamm Building, Rocky Mount Campus
(252) 618-6723