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Student Flourishing in Manufacturing Program

“I love school more now than I did in high school. I see how I can use what I’m learning,” says Bonnie Bulluck, a Manufacturing Technology student at Edgecombe Community College.

After 25 years in manufacturing, Bonnie Bulluck decided it was time to strengthen her skills. She says she is learning and growing in the field through the Manufacturing Technology program at Edgecombe Community College.

Bulluck, 43, has worked in manufacturing since graduating from SouthWest Edgecombe High School.

“Manufacturing is the backbone of a lot of rural communities, including Edgecombe. It’s who we are,” she says. “I love the environment; every day is different. Manufacturing is what I love to do.”

She had worked primarily on production lines at several area plants before joining ABB in Pinetops eight years ago.

Bulluck decided to enroll at ECC to hone her skills and learn more about every aspect of manufacturing, such as materials and processes, research and development, and quality control.

“I was very happy to learn that ECC has a comprehensive program in manufacturing. I thought I was going to have to drive to Raleigh to receive this level of quality instruction,” she says.

ECC offers a two-year degree in Manufacturing Technology and four certificates that range from four required courses to eight. Certificates include:

  • Computer Integrated Machining Technology
  • Industrial Networks
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Manufacturing Management and Operations

Bulluck began the degree program in January and takes two courses each semester, including the summer term. She continues to work full time at ABB and says the company fully supports her educational goals.

ABB recently developed a Development and Training Program, and Bulluck assisted with the initiative. This month, she begins a new role as Manufacturing and Quality Tester. “This is a very exciting opportunity for me!” she says. “There are lots of opportunities at ABB. I can go into any number of directions with the company thanks in part to what I am learning at ECC.”

Currently enrolled in algebra/trigonometry and psychology classes, Bulluck says that coursework at ECC is relevant to her work. “You wouldn’t think I would use algebra on the job, but I do, nearly every day. Leadership, engineering, machining – this program touches on all aspects of manufacturing.

“Being in the Manufacturing Technology program has gone hand-in-hand with what I’m doing at work. The timing has been perfect.”

To learn more about Manufacturing Technology at ECC, please contact Doug Parrish, chair of Industrial & Technical Trades, at or (252) 618-6658.