Vision Statement, Values, Mission, College Goals

Edgecombe Community College Vision

We aspire to be an exemplary leader and training partner fostering student success and community prosperity for all.



The college fosters responsible, accountable, and ethical behavior and encourages an environment of honesty, tolerance, and civility.


The college provides relevant, quality educational and training programs and services.


The college provides educational, global, and cultural programming that enable students and the community to achieve their goals.

Student Success

The college provides learning opportunities and support services to help students succeed.

Diversity and Equity

The college embraces differences and nurtures a culture of honor and respect.


The college promotes enriching partnerships and cooperative teamwork.

Edgecombe Community College Mission

ECC’s mission is to strengthen and enrich the educational, training, and lifelong learning opportunities for our community.


Goal 1

To provide quality education and training programs

Goal 2

To elevate the profile and prominence of the college

Goal 3

To maximize college partnerships and collaborations in order to provide relevant training and workforce development opportunities

Goal 4

To demonstrate fiscal responsibility and create educational opportunities through grants and private donations

Goal 5

To encourage student engagement and success through innovative programs and services

Goal 6

To promote an atmosphere of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Approved August 2020