Ways to Give


  • Unrestricted Gifts are the most flexible type of gift when it comes to addressing the College’s ever-changing needs.  Unrestricted gifts can be applied to areas of the College where the need is the greatest and where they will have the most impact.
  • Restricted Gifts enable donors to designate how they want to benefit the College.  Restricted gifts may be used to support specific areas of the College, such as individual programs, scholarships, and facility needs.
  • Wills and Estate Planning may be used as a way to give to the College.  Donors considering a gift by will or trust should consult their attorney and/or tax advisor.  The Foundation can assist with determining that the language used is correct and that your gift will be administered in the manner desired.

To find out more about gift giving and how you can create an ECC legacy, contact the Foundation today!

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