The college provides a shuttle between campuses on a regular schedule. The following guidelines are established to assist those students with transportation challenges. Edgecombe Community College offers this opportunity to our students to assure access to all of the programs at ECC.
  1. Students must pre-register to ride with COMMUT-EDGE van.
  2. Students shall sign up for COMMUT-EDGE in Student Services one week in advance.
  3. All students shall be subject to the student code of conduct as outlined in the current Student Handbook.
    1. Student shall not play loud music or participate in loud conversations.
    2. Students shall not eat on the van.
    3. Students shall be on time and prepared to board and exit the van appropriately.
    4. The COMMUT-EDGE van will load and unload from the Fleming Building–Fuller Wing on the Tarboro campus, and from the front entrance of the Barnes Building on the Rocky Mount campus.
  4. Students must be currently enrolled in curriculum courses.
  5. Students must register to ride each semester or eight week session.
  6. When a student boards the COMMUT-EDGE van, he or she must present a valid ECC student ID and sign in on the driver’s log indicating they are present and utilizing the service.
  7. The driver will not transport students on the COMMUT-EDGE van who are not properly registered.
  8. There will be a list of students who are authorized to ride on the COMMUT-EDGE van available to the driver each day.
  9. The van will not make any stops.
  10. The van will operate Monday through Friday on all class days.


Check with Student Services for arrival and departure times on the Rocky Mount and Tarboro campuses.