Find Classes

Are you a new student, or returning after a year or more away?

If you have never attended Edgecombe Community College, or if you have not enrolled in courses in over a year, please visit the Become a Student page for information on the next steps you need to take to enroll in classes.

Are you a currently enrolled student?

If you are a currently enrolled student, and wish to enroll in classes for the upcoming semester, view the schedule of available courses and contact your advisor regarding your options for the upcoming semester.

The most up-to-date schedule is available in Self Service. If you need help using Self Service Planning to find and register for classes, see the help video available for students. You can browse available classes without logging in.

If you need to register for transitional courses (courses number 0xx), please contact a transitional studies advisor.

Helpful Information

You may find the following information helpful when trying to plan your schedule.

  • Explanation of Section Codes
  • Pay close attention to the start and stop dates of courses. These dates will help you determine whether the course you are looking at is a full semester, first eight-weeks, or second eight-weeks course, or if it runs on some alternate schedule.