Geospatial Technology - Curriculum

The Geospatial Technology curriculum provides a broad background in Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies with practical applications in municipal, industrial, natural resources management, and other fields.

Course work consists of class and hands-on experience with GIS/GPS technologies, including running and modifying current GIS software, creating and manipulating GIS databases, and operating GPS technology.

Graduates should find employment as field technicians or as database and mapping assistants.

This program of study is offered in a 100% online environment. Students can complete the degree and/or certificate options from a distance without ever coming to the ECC campus.

Students may also be interested in the Information Technology program.

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Geospatial Technology - Program Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to collect, manipulate, and manage data using geospatial equipment, techniques, and methods.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to think spatially and perform spatial analysis on geographically referenced data.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to create effective visual, tabular, and analytical products such as maps, graphs, charts, statistics, databases, tables, models, and web applications.
  4. Students will demonstrate proficiency in the use of GIS tools to create maps that are fit-for-purpose and effectively convey the information they are intended to.
  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply GIS technology to evaluate real-world problems, and communicate the GIS project process and results in written and graphic media at a professional level.
  6. Students will demonstrate the ability to ensure the quality of data and products meet professional and industry standards.

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Trey Cherry

Department Chair - Information Technology Studies

Office 204, Fleming Building, Tarboro Campus
(252) 618-6622