Admission to Program


  • BIO 094 or test out
  • DRE 96-98 (Placement tests expire after five years) or ENG 002
  • DMA 10-50 (Placement tests expire after five years) or MAT 003

Admission Requirements


  • Scores must be within five years of application date.
  • A 58% or greater on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS VI/VII or ATI/TEAS).
  • If testing occurred at a site other than ECC, test results are delivered to the College through official means by the agency that administered the test. Contact or (800) 667-7531.
  • All four sections of the TEAS were taken.
  • No more than two TEAS VI/VII or ATI/TEAS scores per year (July 1 – June 30), at least 28 days apart, will be eligible.


Admission GPA

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 on Surgical Technology curriculum general education courses that have been completed through fall semester.
  • The highest grade attained in general education courses is used in the GPA calculation for admission.
  • An overall 2.0 GPA on all attempted courses at ECC is required.

Ranking GPA

The grades in all attempted Surgical Technology curriculum general education coursework will be used in the GPA calculation for ranking, including courses with grades below a C from any college.

Ranking Point Score

  • Applicants who earn an overall TEAS score of 58% or greater are ranked based on a point score from their TEAS score, their BIO and MAT GPA, and quality points on all attempted general education coursework in the curriculum.
  • The Biology and Math GPA carries greater weight in the point score than other general education courses.

Admission Steps

Step I: Application process (Due March 15)

  • Complete a Surgical Technology Information Session by March 1.
  • Submit all by March 15:
    • An online ECC application for admission
    • Official high school transcripts or equivalency
    • A partial transcript if currently enrolled in high school. A final transcript must be submitted at the time of graduation
    • Official transcripts from all colleges attended
    • A Surgical Technology Program application
    • TEAS VI/VII or or ATI/TEAS score(s) (if within the last five years) to Student Services if testing occurred at a site other than ECC; for students who have difficulty obtaining their official scores from another site, contact the Surgical Technology Admissions Counselor.

Step II: Ranking (March 31)

  • Eligible applicants are ranked according to their point score. The highest fifteen (15) ranked applicants who have a 2.5 Admission GPA or greater will move to Step III.
  • Applicants who have a 2.5 Admissions GPA but do not have a point score high enough to move to Step III initially will remain at Step II and receive notification that they are on a waiting list (approximately three (3) weeks after letters of conditional acceptance letters go out to the top ranked applicants). Many applicants will give up their seat for a variety of reasons, which opens up seats for applicants on the waiting list.
  • All applicants who remain at Step II at end of spring semester will have their Point Score recalculated with spring semester grades and will be re-ranked. Ranked applicants with a 2.5 Admission GPA will move to Step III as seats become available over the summer.

Step III: Conditional Acceptance (April 1 – August 8)

  • The highest ranked applicants will receive an email, a letter of conditional acceptance, and a medical form.
  • Accept or reject the seat in writing to the Surgical Technology Admissions Counselor by the due date.
    • Attend the mandatory Health Science Orientation.
    • Complete medical form, background check, and drug screen by the due dates.
    • Applicants must maintain a 2.5 admissions GPA or greater through spring and summer terms.

Step IV: Final Acceptance

Applicants who meet the clinical agencies’ employee health standards, background and drug screen requirements will be notified of final acceptance. The cost of meeting these requirements can be significant and final acceptance is dependent on meeting the due dates listed in the conditional acceptance letter.

Extended Admissions

In the event that all available seats are not filled with Step III applicants, additional TEAS testing times will be posted on the Surgical Technology website and in Student Services by June 1. Current applicants may retake the TEAS test for a higher score (if they have taken TEAS only once in the previous year). Ineligible applicants due to a TEAS below a 58% or students who have received a waiting list letter should check the Surgical Technology website by June 1 if interested in retesting. New applicants must meet with the Program Chair, complete a Surgical Technology Program application, and meet all admission requirements to be eligible to fill any remaining seats in June.

Other Admission Information

Students who plan to apply for a scholarship, loan or a Pell grant should check with Financial Aid to determine eligibility after applying for FAFSA.