Clinical Requirements

Health, CPR, Background & Drug Screening Requirements of Clinical Agencies

Health and background requirements are controlled by clinical agencies. Applicants must be cleared by clinical agencies several weeks prior to attending clinical. Therefore, most of these requirements must be completed prior to program admission. Others must be renewed after program admission. Clinical agencies may require that background and drug screening be repeated at any time after program admission.

  • Healthcare Provider CPR certification by the American Heart Association: Must be current and repeated annually
  • Immunizations
    • TdaP or Td
    • MMR x 2
    • Hepatitis B vaccine series (3) or positive titer
    • Varicella vaccine series (2) or positive titer
    • Influenza vaccine
  • Other
    • History of 2-step PPD skin test, annual PPDs or current 2-step PPD
    • Positive Hepatitis B titer with history of vaccine series if dates of shots are unavailable
    • Positive varicella titer with history of chicken pox
  • Drug Screen and Background Screen: ECC-provided code
  • Medical form: ECC-provided form