Lamm Building

The Deborah L. Lamm Building opened on the Rocky Mount campus in January 2016.

The state-of-the-art, 45,000-square-foot building houses 9 curriculum and 8 continuing education programs of study, and more than 1,200 students will use the facility annually.

On the first floor are six training rooms furnished with pods to create a student-centered, active learning environment. The pods or clusters promote a team or collaborative approach to learning.

Also located on the first floor is a biology/biotechnology lab, with equipment such as a Fotodyne UV transilluminator/digital camera system, which is used in a sensitive analysis of DNA, and a laminar flow hood, used to provide a clean work space in performing experiments sensitive to contamination.

The second floor is a simulated hospital environment with an emergency room, imaging lab, examination rooms, phlebotomy lab, nursing skills lab, nursing assistant lab, debriefing rooms and a nurses’ station.

The third floor houses an operating room, obstetrics/neonatal room, an occupational therapy lab, an ICU, pulmonary function lab, respiratory care lab, home health/community health training room, counseling/mental health room, debriefing rooms, and a nurses’ station.

By relying on patient simulation and a team approach in a realistic healthcare environment, teaching and learning in the Lamm Building are raising the standard of healthcare education throughout the region.